Day 1 By Eric R Ganz

snakes are coiled on the granite
falcons fly unto the west
feline eye marks the transit
a nested bird in gentle rest

setting sun and moon is rising
Cheshire eyes aglow, intent
some are born and some are dying.
the drum keeps beating for what is meant

cardiac clocking, pounding, throbbing
hungry moon in stellar nest.
feline fanged the blood, the rapture,
the drummers throbbing rhythm, sent

reason why, Fates enterprising
the drummers clocking call.
Now is born, there, is dying
for all an end, to end in all
E.R Ganz

The Deal by Eric R Ganz

is it chance or happenstance
the deck that’s dealed, and cards reveal
a fate,
we own, or dice are thrown
what’s been seen, for Kings and Queens,
are caught between
a 2 of hearts, and part,
they must.
to trust the Hand, or write in sand
a Suicide King, the deck
does bring
and slays the Ace, of Spades
we chase.
and Diamond Eye Jacks the Jokers laugh,
a 2 of Hearts torn, in half.
in half,
A dark deal, done, a game is won.
And far apart from cards and care
the King and Queen,
play solitaire
E.R. Ganz